Pennsylvania Name Change Guarantee

Pennsylvania Name Change Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We specialize in authoring and publishing self-help name change legal form kits and the software that supports them. Our kits are very detailed and are specific to your state. These "kits" are not generic "off-the-shelf" kits.

We offer a 100% Guarantee - if you can't use our automated downloadable forms, tell us within 3 days of the date of purchase, and we'll refund your money.

Please Note: The legal documents offered from our sites are intended to be prepared and filed in the near future, within thirty (30) days. Changes in laws and document guidelines can make older documents obsolete or unacceptable for courts. These types of changes can be adopted by courts at any time. As such, your purchased documents must be filed within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. If for any reason your purchased forms are rejected and you did not file your documents within this time frame, there will be no refunds.

Pennsylvania Name Change Forms


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Minor Name Change $29.95

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